Wild Bruce Dickinson NYC Footage From Long-Lost MTV Show Heavy Metal Mania

Watch the classic MTV footage from Heavy Metal Mania below that includes a crazy-ass clip of Bruce Dickinson trying peddling-off a vinyl copy of Iron Maiden’s 1985 record Live After Death on the streets of New York City for a hundred bucks! Writers and producers set up the premise as: “Bruce Dickinson was flat broke and desperately needed cash to get his stranded ass back to Jolly ‘Ole England.”

Bruce Dickinson

Also find below a clip that is pretty magical a moment with Metallica shot four months before the tragic death of bassist Cliff Burton.

Heavy Metal Mania was run on MTV for only about a year starting in 1985–two years before the Headbangers Ball gave us a reason to stay in on Saturday night. At first, Heavy Metal Mania was a Thursday Night weekly happening before moving to a monthly format in 1986. It’s well known that MTV wasn’t really down with heavy metal during this time period and Bob Pittman, the network’s CEO, said MTV would be distancing itself from any band they classified as having only “a heavy metal appeal.”

The MTV show’s host, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister, had recently spent time in court providing his now historic testimony in front of the United States Senate’s Committee on Commerce in a congressional hearing on “record labeling” along with the newly-formed Parents Music Resource Council (PMRC),defending Twisted Sister’s song “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” The PMRC had targeted the song as well as fourteen other tunes they categorized as the “Filthy Fifteen” and Snider wasn’t having it. The reason I’m reiterating this piece of heavy metal hero history is to help you understand how important Snider’s efforts were. Despite MTV’s lack of support for metal, he still helped make Heavy Metal Mania a thing, ultimately paving the way for the Headbanger’s Ball.

Iron Maiden – Bruce sells Live after Death on the streets of NYC – 1985 tour

Iron Maiden - Bruce sells Live after Death on the streets of NYC - 1985 tourIron Maiden - Bruce sells Live after Death on the streets of NYC - 1985 tour

Dee Snider didn’t always host Heavy Metal Mania, and occasionally other metalheads would guest-host, like Vinny Vincent and Dana Strum from the Vinnie Vincent Invasion, and Vincent’s former Kiss bandmate Paul Stanley, who hosted the show from his NY apartment. But in general, it was all Dee. And this was fine as Snider was and is super entertaining, and expertly interjected humor into the show, like during interviews which he would sometimes hold in a gym (Snider is quite the fitness enthusiast),or a smokey bathroom to chat with Mötley Crüe. Get it? HaHA!

Anyone who was anyone in metal appeared on the show including Snider’s long-time friend, Lemmy Kilmister. A supporter of Twister Sister early on, Lemmy appeared on the show around Christmas in 1985. Motörhead had just completed a month-long tour of the U.S. which concluded at The Ritz in New York City, after which Lemmy hung out at Snider’s place in NY for Christmas.

Bruce Dickinson once hosted MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, check out that footage.

The below footage from Heavy Metal Mania shot on April 28th, 1986 featuring Metallica clowning around at College Music Journal Media in Long Island, New York.

…This footage can be found on the 2017 release, Master of Puppets (Remastered Deluxe Box Set).

Metallica MTV Heavy Metal Mania 1986 1

Metallica MTV Heavy Metal Mania 1986 1Metallica MTV Heavy Metal Mania 1986 1

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