Coolest Metallica Cover: “One” On 8 String Guitar

The coolest cover took not “One” but three guitarists, five talented hands and one badass eight-string guitar to nail down this killer rendition of Metallica’s “One.”

And please, don’t ask how many hours!

We have it on good authority that neither James Hetfield nor Kirk Hammett were involved in the coolest Metallica cover ever made, but Reverb’s Joe Shadid did lend at least one hand to Rob Scallon for the creation of this monstrous recording.

The Guitar: Chapman ML1-8RS Rob Scallon Signature 8, it features a mahogany neck, rosewood fret-board and swamp ash top.


Now Listen To It Play!

Metallica’s “One” Played on One Guitar
Metallica's "One" Played on One GuitarMetallica's "One" Played on One Guitar


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