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Coronavirus: Man Serenades Quarantined With Slayer Song

Watch as the dude plays Raining Blood by Slayer from his balcony amid the government mandated coronavirus, COVID-19 lockdown in Italy

In recent days, numerous videos have all but gone viral of Italian citizens singing or playing their music in solidarity as a growing reaction to the coronavirus lockdown in their country. Most of the clips detail tenants in apartment buildings singing or playing instruments from their balconies in an effort to keep up morale.

In the video, guitarist Enrico Monti from the Italian death metal band “Skulld” takes to his balcony in his hometown and lets rip some of “Raining Blood” by Slayer. Down below, an elderly woman standing on the sidewalk outside her home looks a little perplexed at what she’s witnessing.

Andrà tutto male. Ma il chiosco dell'Ines ha mantenuto il servizio a domicilio e allora le ho voluto fare un serenata d'amore per ringraziarla.#bertinoro #romagna #coronavirus #ines #piadina #slayer #metal #frikkettonidimerda

Posted by Enrico Monti on Friday, March 13, 2020


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