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Epic Footage Of Ronnie James Dio In The Studio

Watch Ronnie James Dio, along with 17 year old guitarist Rowan Robertson enjoying their love of heavy metal as they finish recording the single ‘Hey Angle’ for the 1990 LP ‘Lock Up The Wolves’

Dio – In the Studio – Recording “Lock Up the Wolves” – “Hey Angel”
Ronnie James Dio – In the Studio – Recording “Lock Up the Wolves”Ronnie James Dio – In the Studio – Recording “Lock Up the Wolves”

Lock Up the Wolves is the fifth studio album by the American heavy metal band Dio, released on May 15, 1990. It displayed a complete change of musician line-up over the previous Dream Evil album, including seventeen-year-old guitarist Rowan Robertson, and Simon Wright on drums who had played with AC/DC from 1983-89.

Fun Fact: The song “Evil on Queen Street” takes its title from a deli in Toronto which had a sandwich with that name. – Per Ronnie
Lock Up the Wolves – All lyrics and melodies by Ronnie James Dio
  1. “Wild One”
  2. “Born on the Sun”
  3. “Hey Angel”
  4. “Between Two Hearts”
  5. “Night Music”
  6. “Lock Up the Wolves”
  7. “Evil on Queen Street”
  8. “Walk on Water”
  9. “Twisted”
  10. “Why Are They Watching Me”
  11. “My Eyes”
Dio – Wild One (Official Music Video)
Dio - Wild One (Official Music Video)Dio - Wild One (Official Music Video)

‘‘Few people have had the ability to carry a song like Ronnie, literally demanding your attention as he effortlessly re-created live, the amazing things he did on record.’’ – Kerry King (Slayer)


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