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This Guns N Roses Stevie Wonder Mashup Is Incredible


When you combine Guns N Roses most popular song “Paradise City” with the 1973 Stevie Wonder Classic “Living For The City” amazing things happen.

The Youtube Mash-Up King, Bill McClintock has done it again! It’s no happenstance that Bill has racked up over 12 million video views on the user-based media platform, the guy has serious mashing skills!

You’ll be blown away by how well the two songs are mixed together and how well they compliment each other, Bill McClintock really has an ear, how does he even come up with this stuff? The guy has to have the worlds largest song library built right into his head to be able to pick vastly different songs that span more than a decade in between, then making it so pleasing to listen to.

Not only is the music well synced, the clip editing is impeccable. Watch the video below and you’ll be forced to agree.

Guns N Roses and Stevie Wonder – “Living for the Paradise City”

Stevie Wonder & Guns N Roses (Mashup)

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