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Violinist JLynn Crushes Randy Rhoads Crazy Train Solo

Sadly, Randy Rhoads was in the rock and roll spotlight too short a time before his passing in 1982. Yet here we are, 30 years later still talking about Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train sidekick and the impact he had on several generations of musicians around the globe. In an amazing tribute, JLynn covers Randy’s infamous solo on a 6-string, electric violin and absolutely crushes it!

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To some it would seem that Rhoads Rhoads virtually appeared out of thin air and was gone before many people appreciated or acknowledged his musical gift to the world.

“This song Crazy Train goes way back for me.. I played the guitar part on my electric violin as an audition to America’s Got Talent a lifetime ago (they couldn’t get our original choice Toxicity cleared and yes, the Toxicity video that made the rounds was our audition “tape”). The whole AGT experience in itself is a story and a half, but anyway, I pulled it back out of the archives and relearned the infamous Randy Rhoads guitar solo, coincidentally recorded it the day he died this year (March 19),fell off the social media wagon while attending to life matters and then finally decided to film it today. So here it is, note for note on my Vtar.” – JLynn

Crazy Train Extra: “Randy had the basic riff, the signature riff. Then we worked on music together. He needed something to solo on so I came up with a chord pattern and the section for him to solo over. Before it was called ‘Crazy Train,’ before we even had a title, Randy and I were working on the music. He had his effects pedals, and coming through his amp was a weird kind of chugging sound. It was a phase-y kind of psychedelic effect, this chugging sound that was coming through his amp from his effects pedal. Randy was into trains – he used to collect model trains and so did I. I’ve always been a train buff and so was Randy. So I said, ‘Randy, that sounds like a train. But it sounds nuts.’ And I said, ‘A crazy train.’ Well, that’s when the title first was born. And then Ozzy was singing melodies and he was phrasing exactly how it ended up. And I started writing lyrics to it.” – Ozzy bassist Bob Daisley

Violinist JLynn Crushes Randy Rhoads Crazy Train Solo
Violinist JLynn Crushes Randy Rhoads Crazy Train SoloViolinist JLynn Crushes Randy Rhoads Crazy Train Solo

JLynn also performs a masterful violin cover of Iron Maiden’s The Trooper on her Youtube Channel.

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