Metal Alphabet: Cutest Thing on The Web!

This two-year-old girl belting out her heavy metal Alphabet is by far, the cutest fkn’ thing on the internet!

This “Rock Star of a Father” Chris Baker from Virginia: Recorded his two-year-old daughter singing her Alphabet to a heavy metal soundtrack.

Watch the totally adorable, pint-sized metalhead as she sings her ABC’s & nearly melts her own face off!

Her father can be seen chuckling in the background as he captures the adorable moment on his cell phone camera.

“I had just taken her out of the bath tub when she decided to get ANGRY with her alphabet!” – Chris Baker


At the end of the clip, the little girl decides that she’s had enough headbanging for one night and asks for ‘mommy’ instead.

To date: Baker’s video titled “Metal Alphabet” has been viewed more than 1.6 Million times.

Many viewers have applauded his daughter’s performance, including us, YOU GO BABY GIRL!

Watch: Metal Alphabet
Metal AlphabetMetal Alphabet

Chris Baker said bath time is a special bonding time for him and his daughter and she often likes to sing as they scrub-a-dub-dub.


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