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Metallica Fan Shocks Lars Ulrich With Something He Hadn’t Seen In Ages

At a pre-show Metallica meet and greet a fan handed something to Lars Ulrich for the drummer to hopefully sign, the item turned out to be something incredibly rare…

A Metallica demo tape of the bands very first recording that Lars Ulrich had not seen in nearly three decades.

Metallica fans are some the the most dedicated in the heavy metal scene. They’re a super passionate fan base, always trying to get a chance to meet the members of the band, religiously going to gigs and always supporting everything Metallica puts out, no matter what!

Die hard Metallica fans are also always on top of trying to find the that rare piece of band merchandise. Our case in point being the short video clip below where one fan from Sweden brought the rare demo tape and asked to have it signed. Lars Ulrich takes the cassette box and is shocked when he realizes its one of the original
No Life ‘Til Leather” demo tapes that James Hetfield had rubber stamped with the Metallica logo and the song titles written in Ulrich’s own hand.

Check out the video clip from the meet and greet below

Lars Ulrich Sees A 25 Year Old Demo Tape With His Signature On It
Lars Ulrich Meets An Old Hardcore Fan BackstageLars Ulrich Meets An Old Hardcore Fan Backstage

It’s pretty crazy that the rarity showed up so far away from the Bay area so many years later.

Also have a listen to that original recording of Metallica No Life ‘Til Leather

Metallica – No Life ‘Til Leather
Metallica - No Life 'Til Leather (Cassette Rip)Metallica - No Life 'Til Leather (Cassette Rip)

“No Life ‘Til Leather” was released as a limited-edition cassette for Record Store Day in April 2015, available exclusively in independent record stores. It featured artwork copies from drummer Lars Ulrich’s own personal copy of the original demo, as well as his handwriting. At the time, the band also promised that expanded editions of the demo, which had never before been commercially available, would arrive on CD, vinyl and in a collector’s set.

Metallica – No Life ‘Til Leather was recorded on the 6th of July, 1982. All of the tracks are early recordings of songs that would later appear on Metallica’s debut album Kill ‘Em All.

  • James Hetfield – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Lars Ulrich – drums
  • Dave Mustaine – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Ron McGovney – bass
  1. “Hit the Lights” 4:18
  2. “The Mechanix” 4:28
  3. “Motorbreath” 3:18
  4. “Seek & Destroy” 4:55
  5. “Metal Militia” 5:17
  6. “Jump in the Fire” 3:51
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