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This 400 Foot Metallica Halloween Light Show Is Insane

Video; Metallica featured in spectacular 400ft tall Halloween light and drone show.

Every Halloween there are amazing home light shows that make their rounds on the internet. This year, there is one that sets itself apart with the use of……. HUNDREDS OF DRONES. The light display on the home itself is beyond epic!

YouTube user Tom BetGeorge of Magical Light Shows uploaded the amazing footage, featuring a 400ft Halloween light show inspired by Metallica, Stranger Things, and Ghostbusters.

The light show kicks off to “Master of Puppets,” the Metallica song included in Netflix’s Stranger Things 4 that gave the band a bit of renewed visibility over the summer. In the season finale, the character Eddie Munson plays the tune on guitar in a crucial scene. Subsequently, Metallica welcomed new fans before some discussed “canceling” the band. – Source

The Metallica x Stranger Things light show comes courtesy of Magical Light Shows.

“I made this show for free for our community. We are big fans and this was a project of passion.” –  Tom BetGeorge

‘Tis the Halloween season. This Linden, Calif., neighborhood home takes Halloween décor to a whole new level.

The house, which goes by Magical Light Shows on Facebook and via its website, uploaded the 2022 edition of their popular ghoulish light shows to YouTube, and it’s potentially their best one yet.

For Metallica‘s “Master of Puppets,” an angry jack-o-lantern belts out the lyrics as the massive home behind it flashes in creepy light displays, complete with light up gravestones and a drone-powered light show 400 feet above the house.

400ft Tall Halloween Light and Drone Show! Featuring: Metallica
400ft Tall Halloween Light and Drone Show! Featuring: Metallica, Stranger Things, and Ghostbusters400ft Tall Halloween Light and Drone Show! Featuring: Metallica, Stranger Things, and Ghostbusters

Special thanks to Preston Ward, Tyler Johnson, Rick Boss, Brian Geck, Kaleb McEwen, Lucas Hannon, Steve Petrucci, Steve Kirkland, Jack Ferguson, Matt Phipps, Craig Nelson, Harry Ulep, the Maloy Family, and anyone else who helped put this show together!


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