Metallica Mashup

Metallica Huey Lewis And The News Mashup Video Goes Viral

Music mashup master Bill McClintock has once again struck internet gold with his decision to mash together the Metallica classic Enter Sandman with Hip To Be Square by Huey Lewis And The News.

And if that wasn’t enough? The famed Youtube masher also thought it’d be a great idea to through in some Judas Priest and Megadeth, you know, because why the hell not?

The Metallica mega hit Enter Sandman has been expertly intertwined with Huey Lewis And The News’ Hip To Be Square adding a gloriously soulful and poppy element to our listening pleasure.

If Hetfield’s Enter Sandman vocals laid over top of the 1986 single Hip To Be Square don’t quite do it for you, the Youtuber also threw in some Megadeth and Judas Priest guitar solos to make the whole thing even more confusingly RAD!

The Metallica / Huey Lewis mashup ‘Hip to Be the Sandman’ is exactly what the web needed right now!

James Hetfield and the News – “Hip to Be the Sandman”
James Hetfield and the News - "Hip to Be the Sandman"James Hetfield and the News - "Hip to Be the Sandman"

With all the bullshit happening in our lives and across the web right now, its easy to say that Bill McClintock may have saved the entire internet. Thanks Dude!

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