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Ned Flanders Metal Band Okilly Dokilly Is Insane!

Back in April, 2018, these dudes took their Ned Flanders, spoof metal magic to the max when the were actually featured on the show, The Simpsons!

Phoenix, Arizona: Since 2015, the metal band Okilly Dokilly has drawn inspiration for their mind smashing songs from the most unlikely of sources: The Simpsons’ most devout character, Ned Flanders.

Close to 2 millions viewers caught site of the Ned Flanders inspired band, as they suddenly appeared during the end credits. Okilly Dokilly performed their song titled “White Wine Spritzer” which contains the lyrics “You only live once/give me a white wine spritzer,” watch the short clip below and you’ll get the connection the band always touches between themselves and Ned Flanders.

White Wine Spritzer
white wine spritzer

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Al Jean, screenwriter and producer for The Simpsons had seen the Okilly Dokilly video “White Wine Spritzer” on Youtube and said, “I then knew they had to be on the show.”

Ned Flanders

The idea to start the Ned Flanders inspired band came from a conversation between Head Ned and the group’s original drummer, Bled Ned, who were trying to imagine the most ill-fitting name for a death metal band. After hitting upon Okilly Dokilly, the duo continued to spin the joke out: What if the frontman was dressed like Ned Flanders, what if everyone dressed like Ned Flanders, what if it was a “Nedal band” not a “metal band,” what if all the lyrics were Flanders quotes. The dream began to materialize when Head Ned realized they not only had access to a pink Flying V guitar, but his job at a clothing company allowed him to buy green sweaters in bulk.

To Date: Okilly Dokilly – White Wine Spritzer (Official Video) has racked up over 5 Million views on Youtube!

Okilly Dokilly – White Wine Spritzer (Official Video)
Okilly Dokilly - White Wine Spritzer (Official Video)

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Head Ned says one of the shows producers had reached out to them while on tour and when the band asked how they got on The Simpsons radar, Okilly Dokilly was told that Al Jean had heard about them thanks to a Google alert.

Ned Flanders

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