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Ronnie James Dio Explaining His Craft To A Non-Metal Fan Was His Best Interview

Not only did Ronnie James Dio have one of the fiercest stage presences in heavy metal but the loved entertainer was as nice and respectable a person as the come.

Ronnie’s personality never seemed polished or fake. Anyone ever given the task of interviewing the late heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio always knew what they were going to get on the other side of the table. Someone funny, insightful, someone always gracious towards his fans and interviewers alike. But make no mistake, he was also going to give you complete honesty. Ronnie was always like that, honest to a fault. He also never gave the same boring heavy metal interview that has been played over a million times, he gave you what was in his heart, what truly mattered to him and others.

In this lengthy sit-down interview with magazine and newspaper editor Joan Agajanian Quinn from 1994, Ronnie James Dio explains it all. No topic was out of bounds, from the origins of heavy metal right through to the problems plaguing the world at the time, Ronnie James Dio was an open book.

Just as the cameras start rolling Joan Agajanian Quinn, obvious to all had zero knowledge of the genre, asked Ronnie to explain heavy metal. Dio didn’t bat an eye, no sarcastic looks, just a kind smile. It was far from a Johnny Rotten, Sex Pistols interview.

See the full interview below, it’s really a joy to watch!

Ronnie James Dio – 1994 interview Joan Quinn Profiles
Ronnie James Dio 1994 interview Joan Quinn Profiles

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For a man who sang about tigers, demons, wizards, evil, heaven and hell, Ronnie James Dio had a pretty good sense of humor about himself.

Fun Fact: Ronnie James Dio was once a Doo-Wop Singer

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