Slayer Prince Mashup

Slayer Prince Mashup May Just Break The Internet


Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to thing called “Holy Shit, What Has Bill McClintock Done Now?” This Slayer Prince Mashup combines blistering licks and musical backing of Prince’s Purple Rain favorite “Let’s Go Crazy” with the gritty, aggression and primary vocals of Slayer’s Show No Mercy head-slammer “Black Magic.”

Sprayer – “Crazy Black Magic” Slayer Prince Mashup is a festive hymn for the ages. A tonic for a broken world. And a demonic disco delight! Watch Below.

Sprayer – “Crazy Black Magic”
Sprayer - "Crazy Black Magic"Sprayer - "Crazy Black Magic"

“Trying to find two compatible songs takes a really long time,” Youtuber Bill McClintock told Mouthing Off in 2020. “You would think that the more you do, the easier it gets. However, I think that it has gotten more difficult – my standards are higher. For example, if a song is 95% compatible, but there is this one thing I don’t like. There’s no way to edit around it, it wouldn’t sound right if I tried changing it, so I have to go to some other combination.

Slayer and Prince both rose to prominence in the 1980s, but one would think the musical similarities end there. Somehow, McClintock found a way to perfectly sync Slayer’s proto-blackened thrash anthem “Black Magic” to Prince’s legendary party-starter “Let’s Go Crazy.”

“That part of it is so frustrating, it’s incredibly frustrating. You want to have the match and get into the editing right away, because that’s where its really fun, when you start to put it together and hear what it sounds like – that’s awesome.

“It’s like you’re going fishing, you sit there all day, day after day you get nothing. But then once you’ve found that match, and they sound so good together, it makes it worth it, to the point where I want to keep doing it.”

Eddie Van Halen, who also seamlessly contributes to the mash-up, brings a brief burst of Van Halen notes. I am the chosen one, and Jimmy Page, who inserts a longer section of Led Zeppelin’s solo All full of love.

Frequent visitors to this site will be familiar with the wonderful McClintock, who has a long history of evoking magic from the most unlikely sources. Like the time he combined Aerosmith and Aretha Franklin. And the time he combined Metallica and Leo Sayer. And the time he bolted Van Halen to Hank Williams. And the time he introduced James Hetfield to Huey Lewis and made him look pretty. And… you get the idea. The man is clearly a genius.


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