Craziest Shit

Tommy Lee Recalls “The Craziest Shit” With Ozzy On Tour

Back in January 1984 Motley Crue, already know for their Debaucherous ways, began touring with Ozzy Osbourne.

Some of “The Craziest Shit” the heavy metal world could fathom was about to “Hit The Fan”. And we’re sure hotel owners around the globe cringed at the thought that Motley Crue and Ozzy Osbourne could be showing up at their doorsteps. Do insurance companies even cover debauchery or defecation?

We’ll just get right on with it and let Tommy Lee of Motley Crue tell you about “The Craziest Shit” he’d ever witness while partying with Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy had already started his downward spiral with after his alcohol and drugs consumption got him fired from fronting Black Sabbath five years prior to the tour in the US. Thankfully for Ozzy Osbourne, the first two solo albums that he put out were greatly successful. But the sudden death of his friend and guitarist Randy Rhoads in 1982 really screwed with his head.

The heavy metal vocalist did not want to stick with creating music but Sharon believed that it would be much worse for Ozzy if he ever stopped. His wife and manager was born and bred with the instinct to “keep the money machine churning”, that is how the new album, Bark at the Moon, happened and that’s how he met a young misfit bunch on tour in the US called the Motley Crue.

Craziest Shit

Motley Crue were, at the time, “trying to break into the big leagues” after cementing themselves as rising rock stars. Their second LP, Shout at the Devil, was on the brink of going gold and then platinum while the tour was taking place. The young Los Angeles based Glam/Metal band was filled with confidence and their bank accounts were stuffed with cash. That’s when they decided to take on the Prince of Darkness himself and soon realized that they were way out of their league.

Watch this short clip extracted for the 2011 documentary God Bless Ozzy Osbourne
Tommy Lee Recalls The Craziest Shit With Ozzy Osbourne On Tour
Tommy Lee The Craziest Shit With Ozzy Osbourne On TourTommy Lee The Craziest Shit With Ozzy Osbourne On Tour
  You can rent the full documentary, God Bless Ozzy Osbourne on Netflix DVD


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