Vinnie Paul: The First Time I Met Rob Halford

Former Pantera and current HELLYEAH drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott talks about how his chance meeting with Rob Halford in the early 90’s led to Pantera touring Europe with Judas Priest.


“Rob is one of the most unbelievable, sincere people that you’ll ever meet. He’s an artist, but he’s like myself. You get those artists that have egos and attitudes and they’re difficult. But then you get those artists that are fans and love music and love people and love doing what they’re doing, and Rob’s one of those kind of people. He’s just the most sincere, unbelievably loving, cool dude that you’ll ever meet, man. He’s awesome.” – Vinnie Paul Abbott speaking of Rob Halford

Back in 2004, Halford talked about his first meeting with Pantera. He said: “I first met late Pantera guitarist ‘Dimebag’ Darrell Abbott in 1991. I was in Toronto preparing for the ‘Painkiller’ tour. I had MuchMusic TV on and saw this guy talking about metal and wearing a ‘British Steel’ shirt. From what he was saying and the Pantera video that aired I knew right away that this man was a guitar god!

“I called MuchMusic and spoke to Dime and that night went to a club and hung with the band. We jammed ‘Metal Gods’. From that point on, he and the rest of the band became solid friends. My gut feeling was that this band would be huge.

“So Pantera toured with Priest all over Europe. Many a night I would stand off stage and watch them tear up city after city leaving everyone stunned by their intense performances. It was a thrill to watch and hear Dime invent and advance with his playing. Soon the world became Panterarized!”
Both Louder Noise episodes were animated and directed by Máté Szabó.